Is your workforce working from home with no opportunity to keep fit & healthy?


Recently we were contacted by a large media company to help their staff improve their fitness, mood and energy whilst being stuck working from home in this never ending lockdown.


After some simple planning around the size of the workforce and what technology was best to deliver the workouts we designed a tailored fitness plan from Monday to Friday. The key thing was to assess the staff situation including working style and stress levels.

Then we produced this simple plan which included

-daily fitness sessions delivered via zoom with each member of staff invited

-30minute fitness sessions Mon, Tue, Thu and Frid during working hours

-45minute yoga stretch to improve posture on Wednesday evening

-a 5 week trial to assess best workout times and staff uptake

This proved to be a great success and resulted in a long term contract for Eat Move Breathe Fitness after positive staff feedback including fitness, mood and productivity improvements.


Recently the Sunday Herald picked up on the success of our corporate fitness and reported it in their Sunday Magazine.

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation about how we can help your workforce with their lockdown health and fitness plan.